Whiteboard Animations

Hand drawn explanations!

Whiteboard Animations

At PitchParrot we also make whiteboard animations, also called RSA animations in honor of the English organization RSA that pioneered them. Check out our portfolios for some whiteboard animations we’ve made.

Hand drawn and animated

A whiteboard animation is an effective way to put the spotlight on your product, service, or organization. One minute is all you need for us to transform your story.

Whiteboard animations are handy for public animations, but also for those with private/confidential information.With the help of a team of professional animators, sound engineers, and voice-overs, we will make you an animation that really works.

Whiteboard animation applications

Our animations can be used for pitches, promotions, debates, or explanation for colleagues and stakeholders. A whiteboard animation can also be used to kick off a project or campaign.

The animation is typically finished and delivered within 10 business days, it is also possible to order multiple animations at once for a “group rate”. 

None of these would be possible without your script! Check out our portfolio for some examples of past animations.

What is a whiteboard animation?

A whiteboard animation is a video that brings illustrations and text to life with movement, on a digital canvas. Whiteboard animations owe their fame to the English organization RSA, therefore these animations are also referred to as RSA animation.

At Pitchparrot we also make whiteboard animations. Below is an example of one of our whiteboard animations:

Advantages of a whiteboard animation

Having a whiteboard animation has many advantages. Explaining a complex idea in a simple way is what a whiteboard animation does.

The benefits of a whiteboard animation include:

Animation with clear language

Tight and clear images deliver your message in a direct way. With every new scene or new idea, the viewer is actively watching from a new camera point of view.

Not to forget

The viewer immediately enters the 'learning mode' when seeing a whiteboard animation.

Thanks to the fun animation style, the viewer will remember your message faster and longer. The use of hand-drawn animations makes the range enormously wide!

make-whiteboard-animationMake whiteboard animation?

Do you want to have a whiteboard animation made? A whiteboard animation is suitable to bring your product, service or organization to the attention.

In one or more minutes we grab the subject head and tail. By means of hand-drawn animated images we explain (sometimes) very complex matters in a short time.

A whiteboard animation can be used for both internal and external purposes. Think of company or product presentations, present internal plans or present a new idea.

With a touch of humor (if desired) we clarify processes, products and services. We do this based on a supplied script.

Together with a professional team of animators, sound specialists and voice-overs, we provide a whiteboard for company animation.

How to make a whiteboard animation - our proces

Have a whiteboard animation made at PitchParrot? Then of course you want to know how we work. We are happy to explain that to you!

First of all you send us a request via the contact form. We look at what exactly you want. Give a clear description of what your whiteboard animation should be about. This way we know what to expect and you get clear advice.

We will then send you an order form. This form contains general issues, but also questions about the whiteboard animation.

After we have discussed the assignment form we ask you to provide a script. Are you unable to figure it out completely when writing your script? We may also edit the script for you!

The next step is selecting voice samples. We have part of the script recorded by professional voice actors. From this you can make a choice so that you have the best voice with your whiteboard animation!

Then it is almost time. We will get started for you when you have made a choice from one of the voice actors. Your whiteboard animation will be ready within 14 working days.

The costs of a whiteboard animation

whiteboard-animation-costsWith us you can have a whiteboard animation made for a good price.

The price of a whiteboard animation is flexible and is determined on the basis of various factors. That is why we do not display the price of a whiteboard animation directly on our website.

The price is largely determined by the length of your whiteboard animation. We use the formula to determine the length of the animation: 120 words equals 1 minute whiteboard animation.

Do you want immediate insight into the price of your whiteboard animation? Then contact us via the contact form.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about our process? Check out the FAQ, where we keep a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions.


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