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Our specialty at PitchParrot is the explanatory animation (explanimation). One minute is all you need for us to transform your story for maximum comprehension.

Explanimations Animation


Using your script, we can use humor as a helpful tool (only if requested!) to make your message even clearer. With the help of a team of professional animators, sound engineers, and voice-overs, we will make you an animation that really works.

None of these would be possible without your script! Check out our portfolio for some examples of past animations.

explanimationsExplanimation definition

The definition of 'explanimation' is: An explanation animation, often called as explanimation is a short video in which a complex process is explained in a simple way. An explanimation is usually within 120 seconds, or even less. 

Whether you want to explain a complicated (business) process or an innovative idea; it reaches your target group through animation.

Paying attention to a (business) presentation can be extremely difficult. A written update about a new internal process is not easily fascinating and often difficult to understand.

Explanimations are meant to form a clear picture of your story or idea.

Animations are full of different characters and scenarios.

A clear storyline combined with a touch of humor ensures that your story reaches your target audience.

Because animation plays into the audiovisual part of the brain, you keep the reader's attention and the viewer understands what you have to say.

Advantages of an explanimation

Having an explaning animation video has many advantages. The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Your idea or plan will be remembered.
    Because the target group looks at an audiovisual translation of your idea, it is remembered much faster. Research from a university shows that an audio-visual translation remains 68%, compared to a written translation of 10%.
  • It is your perfect pitch, over and over again.
    Explaining what you do can be difficult. Because an animation always explains your idea or vision in the perfect way, you never have to worry about it again.
  • Your idea can be shared.
    Because videos are easy to share, you reach a huge group of people with your idea.
  • Better conversion.
    An animation provides a clear message. A higher conversion is almost guaranteed.

animation-stylesDifferent styles of animations

We have different styles of explanation animations. You should choose one of the following styles for your explanation animation.

Of course, we also adjust the chosen style of the explanimation to your house style.


Cubic looks a lot like 3D, but then 'fake'.

We place all our attention on the physical product. As a result, Cubic is often used in a production line, construction project or the explanation of a process.


This style of animation is very clean. No crazy bells and whistles.

With the Clean style, functionality is the most important. This is also reflected in the animation.


The corporate style is a 'middle engine'. A bit informal, but still neat.

A professional look than that has the cartoon style. Yet a joke is also appropriate here.
This style is often used for technical pitches or reorganisations. It can also put a new product or process on the map.

The corporate style is often used in corporate animation.


This animate style is the most informal.

We make sure that the animation puts a smile on the face of the viewer. In addition, it is important that the viewer knows what is being explained.

Your explanation animation is fun and clearly explained. See our cartoon animation examples.


Everyone knows this style of animation. Just like in the past at school in the classroom.

This way of animating is fun to watch and therefore suitable for any kind of explanation.
The whiteboard style is often used as an overview without going into detail.

If you want to see examples of our explanation animations in different styles, look at the animation styles page!

advantages-explanimationThe creation process

You want an explanimation made, smart! The creation process of an animation is very complex. Fortunately that is our concern.

The first step is to request your explanation animation. We will send you an overview of what is needed to achieve a good animation.

It is important that we know what the script of your animation will be. We therefore ask you to provide an animable script. We can help you with this!

If all parties have approved the script, we are curious about your corporate identity, among other things. When we have received this and some other data, we have to wait and see.

Our illustrators start by designing the different characters and scenes. A storyboard is then drawn and our animators start to make the illustrations moving.

After the animation is complete, we want to be sure that we have not made a spelling mistake, for example. You can briefly check the animation and after 12 working days your explanimations will be ready!

What does an explanimation cost?

costs-explanimationThe price of an explanimation depends on various factors. The length of the animation video and the number of correction laps are two determining indicators.

Having an professional explanimation made is not cheap. At PitchParrot we stand for quality, we also ask for something in return.

With our professional team of animators, illustrators, sound technicians and voice actors, we provide quality animation. An animation that will really make you happy!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about our process? Check out the FAQ, where we keep a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions.


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