Corporate animation

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Corporate animation

Have an interest in a business animation made? At PitchParrot we make animations with impact. We ensure that your video radiates professionalism and clarity.

On this page you will find all information about our company animations. We also have: whiteboard animations, explanation animations and animation videos.

what-is-a-corporate-animationWhat is a corporate animation?

Corporate animation is a fresh, fun and original way to communicate with existing customers, new customers and staff. A business animation is a clear video with a business (cartoon) style.

At Pitchparrot you can have a company animation made. A corporate animation is suitable to bring your product, service or organization to the attention.

Your message or story explained with a smile within one or a few minutes!

A business animation can be used for both internal and external purposes. You can use them for anything. Always communicate every idea in the best way.

With a touch of humor we clarify processes, products and services. Made entirely according to your wishes and made from your script.

Together with a professional team of animators, sound specialists and voice-overs, we provide a business animation that stands out.

What do you use corporate animation for?

Business animations are used for, for example, pitches, promotions, defense or clarification of policy to employees and stakeholders.

Business animation can also serve as a kick-off for a project or campaign or as a means to guide new employees through the onboarding process.

Animations are delivered on average within 10 working days, of course it is possible to purchase multiple animations in one go or to use one of our animation subscriptions.

We make the company animation based on a script written by you. A selection of the animations made by us can be found in our portfolio.

Why corporate animation equals to professionalism

When you are interested in an animation video you need to know what the impact of a video has on your company.

A corporate animation radiates professionalism. There is a clear, short and visual explanation of a process or the entire company.

As a result, the viewer immediately knows what your company stands for and what it can expect. This surpasses the competition.

As soon as the customer enters a competitor's web page, he must read a piece of text to understand the main message.

Distinguish yourself from the competition and be clear towards the visitor; have a company animation made!

Have corporate animation made at PitchParrot

Nice! You are interested in a corporate animation, what now?

First fill in our contact form at the bottom of this page. You briefly let us know what the intention is for your business animation.

As soon as we have received your request, we will send you an e-mail with more information about the process and what we expect from you.

In order not to keep it too exciting, we briefly describe the process for you here:

corporate-animationThe script

The most important part of your business animation; the script!

We use a formula for the length of the script: 120 words voice-over script stands for one minute of animation.

Make sure your script is clearly formulated without unnecessary extras. In addition, your script must be clear to the viewer. So try to avoid jargon and commas. Use spoken language!

Can you really not get out? No worries, we help you!

Order form

After your script has been approved by all parties, you will receive the order form from us. This assignment form contains a number of important issues. This includes contact details, house style characteristics, script, description of the voice-over and billing information.

Choose voice over voice samples

Based on the data entered in the assignment form, you will receive a number of voice samples from various voice actors. These voice samples consist of a few fragments. We ask you to make a choice from the voice actors based on these voice samples.

If you have made the choice we will put it on the order form for you.

During production

We will not contact you during this period. Our team is working hard for you, so that we can deliver a professional result!

The information we have received from you via the order form is sufficient for our team to make a powerful animation.

animaition-stylesDifferent animation styles

Having a business animation made offers many possibilities.

You can choose from various animation styles. You determine the style!

The different animation styles that PitchParrot uses vary from clean to whiteboard. Below is a brief overview of the different types of styles:

This informal animation style often has a dose of healthy humor. We ensure that heavy subjects are brought lightly, clarity is paramount!

This semi-informal animation style is most often chosen with corporate animation. Slightly tighter than cartoon, but with a wink.

An animation style where parallel perspective is central. With this style you focus all your attention on physical products and their effect.

This clean animation style is straightforward. Ideal for displaying processes, because this style is very graphic and unambiguous. Functionality is paramount.

Just like on the blackboard. Smooth and drawn in detail with small movements. Perfect for every explanation!

Do you already know what it will be?

Click here for more information and examples of our animation styles.

Corporate animation costs

The costs of a corporate animation vary widely. There are several determining factors that come into play when calculating the price of a corporate animation.

The length of the business animation determines. Do you want to make a animation of 1 minute or 3 minutes?

Secondly, revising the animation after production is only possible against payment. We would be happy to correct small errors for you, but if the character of a character does not completely match your wishes, this will cost a little extra.

To get a clear picture of how expensive a corporate animation is, complete our contact form. We often contact you within one hour!

Have multiple animations made?

These days it takes a lot of time and effort to develop a good content strategy. With a very diverse range of content in almost every sector, it is difficult to stand out as a company.

Corporate animations or explanation animations are ideal for setting up an effective strategy.

By distinguishing yourself from the competition you will win more customers. A business animation is almost always picked up positively.

The difference between a piece of text and an animation is huge. An animation film often results in 50% more reach and response than text or images.

By scheduling various animations in your content strategy, you will achieve more results than before. This often goes hand in hand with a well-filled content calendar.

If you want to have multiple company animations made, you can contact us. In consultation, we can plan ahead all year with company animations or explanation animations.

This way you know for sure that your target group or employees will understand the story you want to tell!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our work process? Take a look at the FAQ, here you will find the most frequently asked questions about having a company animation made.


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