Animation video

Corporate or Cartoon

Animation video? Our specialty at PitchParrot is the creation of different styles of animation video. One minute is all you need for us to transform your story for maximum comprehension.

We have a professional team of illustrators, animators and sound engeneers - waiting to create your next animation video.

Animation video

what-is-an-animation-videoWhat is an animation video?

An animation video is a video that uses moving illustrations and natural sound. The collection of all moving illustrations in combination with a logical story is called an animation video.

Every company or person has a story. Just like you.

The story you tell must make an impact on your target audience to achieve great results. Without a clear message you will not be clear towards your audience. If you don't come across well to your target audience, all your hard work will soon have been for nothing. And that's a shame.

We ensure that your story is visualized in a way that makes you happy. And your audience too!

Advantages of an animation video

Creating an animation video has many advantages. The most important benefits of an animation are:

  • More information in less time. Because you have a few minutes or maybe just one minute to tell your story, you have to be clear. It is difficult to tell your story in just 120 words on paper. The combination of moving image and audio ensures that you can stop a lot of information in a short time.
  • Make the unreal become reality. Is your marketing budget not big enough for a moon rocket with your logo? If you have an animation video made, you are free to decide what you want. The possibilities are endless.
  • An animation video doesn't get old. In contrast to 'normal' videos, where clothing, hairstyles and the environment play a role, animation videos are almost timeless. As long as your story or process remains the same, the animation will remain the same.
  • A new way of presenting. Do you notice that the quality of your (business) presentations is deteriorating? Animation videos ensures that your audience keeps the attention.

Different types of animation videos

animation-video-stylesIf you want to make an animation video, you can choose from different animation styles. These styles are of course completely tailored to your corporate identity.


It looks a bit like 'fake' 3D. With animation style, all attention is put on the physical product. This style is often used for process explanations, construction projects or production lines.


A formal style of animation, without bells and whistles. A huge graphic style where functionality is the most important.


This style is between formal and informal. A semi-formal style. More businesslike than the cartoon style, but occasionally with a wink. This is an ideal animation for technical pitches, reorganisations or products. Often used with corporate animation video.


An informal style of animation. We put a smile on the viewer's face, while your message comes across clearly. We ensure that your animation is delivered in a fun and clear way.


Another style? Hell yes! Just like on the blackboard! Smooth with small movements. A nice way of explaining and very clear. Perfect for any explanation!

How do you make an animation video?

make-animation-videoCool! You want to make an animation. And now?

First of all we would like to know what kind of animation you want to make. You can indicate this in your first message.

Not able to make the desision? No worries, we can help you choose.


The most important part of your video animation; the script!

We use a formula for the length of the script: 120 words voice-over script stands for one minute of animation video.

Make sure your script is clearly formulated without unnecessary extras. In addition, your script must be clear to the viewer. So try to avoid jargon and commas.

Use spoken language! Can you really not get out? No worries, we help you!

Order form

After your script has been approved by all parties, you will receive the order form from us.

This assignment form contains a number of important issues.

This includes contact details, house style characteristics, script, description of the voice-over and billing information.

Choose voice-over samples

Based on the data entered in the assignment form, you will receive a number of voice samples from various voice actors.

These voice samples consist of a few fragments. We ask you to make a choice from the voice actors based on these voice samples.

If you have made the choice we will put it on the order form for you.

During production

We will not contact you during this period. Our team is working hard for you, so that we can deliver a professional result!

The information we have received from you via the order form is sufficient for our team to make a powerful animation video

Animation video made at PitchParrot

pitchparrot-animation-videoWe are a company with a passion for animation video. Animations that convey your message in a fun and informative way.

Thanks to our experienced team of animators, illustrators, voice actors and sound engineers, we can animate your story or message immensely.

We are located in the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Three times falling from Rotterdam Central. The Rotterdam mentality is therefore not lacking. Our young and dynamic animation makers are ready to deliver the best animation for you.

PitchParrot stands for quality. We ensure that your animation stands out among the rest.

Curious about what our customers say?

Animation video costs

The costs of an animation video are strongly depending on various factors. Depending on the number of words in the script, we make a personal quote.

In addition to the number of words, there are other things that influence the price, such as the number of correction rounds. Because the prices for each assignment vary widely, we do not mention a fixed price on the website.

Are you curious about the costs for your animation video? Fill in the contact form below!

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