A Pitch-Perfect Portfolio

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A Pitch-Perfect Portfolio

Cartoon style

Woonstede Keuzebus

Woonstede’s new tenants are given the chance to pick out a brand new kitchen. This animation visualizes the possibilities and explains their process.


Are you a start-up looking to expand your team, but don’t have the funds to support a fair salary? Batavia has the solution!


Pefa wants to make fish trading easy for everyone. Thats why they support fishermen, buyers and auctions; by providing online services.

Corporate style


Dieting, exercise, maybe even a complete change of mindset… have you been unable to lose weight despite your best efforts? Are you looking for something that finally works? The answer lies within you… in your DNA, that is!

Tax Talks

In order to provide the best work results, you must also keep up with the constantly changing tax world. With the help of webinars and e-learnings on relevant tax topics, Tax Talks is here to help. Made for and by professional tax experts.


Is your company growing? Have all of your various departments developed routines of their own, making it difficult to coordinate meetings? Gaiku helps you keep track of these different timetables.

Cubic style

Eastman Eastobondâ„¢

Eastman Eastobond™, enabling more sustainable packaging solutions.


A large portion of the Dutch construction sector relies on 4Plus for efficient supply management. This animation provides some insight on 4Plus’ advanced logistics system.

Waardevolle Bomen

Did you know that Ede is home to over 21,000 valuable and so-called “monumental” trees? More than half of these are found on privately owned property. Ede works hard to maintain these trees, as they are a valuable part of our community.

Clean style

EY Entrepreneur of the Year

EY rewards the Netherlands’ best and most innovative entrepreneurs with their annual Entrepreneur of the Year award. This animation details the two awards that are given each year.


In 2016, Mondelez Europe only had 9 countries using programmatic advertising, accounting for 9% of the digital spend. The challenge for 2017 was to double the share of programmatic in Europe.

EY Transferpricing

EY’s “TP Web” is a web-based solution for assisting companies with their Transfer Pricing documentation. This animation explains how exactly this solution works.

Whiteboard style

Veenendaal voor elkaar

A vision of a green and “smart” future for the community of Veenendal. With the help of new technologies, the elderly are more easily able to live at home. The developments result in a close-knit relationship within the community.

We Make Fair

Everybody likes fashion, but nobody likes pollution. Happily, more and more labels are changing the industry.

Buro Marktzicht

Annika of Buro Marktzicht helps companies develop their own personal visions and strategy for future marketing opportunities. This animation explains how.

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