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Making animations is what we do! We turn your 120 words (or more…) into a masterful minute (or longer…) of animation! Is your script longer than that? No worries! Read more below!

Why 120 words?

120 words of spoken text usually add up to a voice-over of one minute. 120 words is also a proven magic number for a consice, yet comprehensable, story. With only 120 words, you have no choice but to trim the fat and get to the real meat of your message. A clear script makes the best animation!

What if I have more than 120 words?

Never a problem! Contact us and we can discuss your options.

My story?

That’s right, YOUR message! Who else can tell your story better than you? We have plenty of tips (but no tricks) to help you get the greatest impact. When you’re done, just send us the script digitally. Having a real writer’s block? Not to worry, we are always available to get hands-on with your script and give it the boost it needs. We can also write your script FOR you! Contact us to discuss your options.

What story?

Whatever you want it to be! Here at PitchParrot, we make animations for pitches, instructional videos, resumés, product presentations, restructuring, customer service, and more! Have you ever wanted to animate that wild college story? We’ve got your back!

What about televized advertisements, or pre-roll?

If you are planning to use your animation for TV or Online (Pre-Roll) purposes, please let us know in advance!

Well, I’ve got my story. Now what?

Send us an email or give us a call. Once you’ve filled out our Animation form and given us your script, we’re good to go!

It’s that easy?

Yes, it really is! After we receive your filled out Animation form, we will contact you for one last walkthrough of the script (to ensure that we don’t miss anything!). After that, you will receive our definitive order confirmation and an electronic invoice.

Wait... I have to pay upfront?

That’s correct. By limiting the need for client contact during production, we are able to make your animation as quickly as possible, with rates that fit any budget!

That makes sense! So, how does it work?

After we receive your payment, your script gets the professional voice-over treatment. In the meantime, our creative crew is hard at work making storyboards and unique artwork for your scenes. As soon as the voice-over is finished, animation begins!

What about my branding?

We tailor-make every animation to match any brand. In the preliminary order process you are given the opportunity to send us your logo(s), color palettes, fonts, and of course phone number or a link to your website.

What if I want a multi-language animation?

Can do! For our client NomadPower, we had the script read by professional voice actors in English, French, Dutch, German, and Italian. You can send us your own translations, or let us have it translated by our professional translators.

Cool! How long does it take?

Your animation will be ready in 10 business days following payment. In order to make the process as quick as possible, it’s absolutely necessary that your script has been approved by everyone involved!

What do I get?

We will send you an .avi, .mov, or .mp4 file. After the animation has been delivered to you, you are able to request a free “correction round” for timing issues or color discrepancies. 

So can I use my animation anywhere?

Your payment includes the usage rights for your animation. However, the standard license excludes broadcasts for radio, TV, and online advertisements (pre-rolls). If you wish to use your animation for these purposes, please let us know in advance so that we can discuss the options.

Is this in your Terms & Conditions?

You bet! You can read through our Terms & Conditions right here.

Got it! But… what does it cost?

Our prices are sharp as knives! Really! If you’re curious, contact us and tell us your story.

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