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Looking for a professional animation company? We are happy to help you! We bring the story of your company to life with our animations. We show what we can in all different types and sizes of animation!

We have been specializing for years in making perfect pitches that you can show time and time again. Because we have already produced more than 450 animation videos, we can say that we have the most experienced animators and illustrators. You can see that when scrolling through our work.

why-animation-company-pitchparrotWhy animation company PitchParrot

At animation company PitchParrot we put together clear animations. With our professional team of animators, sound engineers and illustrators, we are committed to creating a great video animation. Over and over again.

Below you will find our showreel with animations that we made in the past year. Take a look!

Our animation company makes these animations

We make many different animations with our animation company. Every day again. That is why we briefly list our range of different types of animation for you!

Whiteboard animation

A whiteboard animation stands for simple and complex. We tackle a complex idea head and tail and turn it into a successful whiteboard animation. Read more about our whiteboard animations on the whiteboard animation page.

Explanation animation

An explanation animation, or also called explanimation, is a short video of often less than 1 minute. We clearly explain a new business plan, process or idea to you in a short animation. Read more on the page about having an explanation animation made.

Corporate animation

Corporate animations are for companies. Often in the corporate style we tell a lot about a business process or about the (new) business vision. We would be happy to explain a few things about our business animations on the corporate animation page.

Animation styles

We work with many different types of animation styles. We list them shortly for you:

Cubic is a style that almost looks like 3D, but then 'fake'.

The focus is on the physical product. This makes Cubic a widely used style in a production line, construction project or the explanation of a process.

Create a very 'clean' style of animations. No crazy bells and whistles. It is what it says on.

With this Clean style, the most important factor is functionality. You can see that immediately in the video.

The corporate style is a 'middle engine'. Half informal, but in a neat way.

This style is just a bit more professional or serious than the cartoon style. Yet a joke is also appropriate here.

This style is often used for technical pitches or reorganisations. It can also put a new product or process on the map.

The corporate style is often used in corporate animation.

This animate style is the most informal. And that can also be seen.

We ensure that the animation makes the viewer smile. Again and again. In addition, of course, it is also not so important that the message gets across well.

Everyone knows this style of animation video. In the past, the teacher drew a drawing on the whiteboard.

Now you can also use this method of teaching. Only then in a fleeting, fun way that will make everyone happy!

This way of animating is fun to watch and therefore suitable for any kind of explanation. A whiteboard animation is often used as an overview without going into detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our work process? Take a look at the FAQ, here you will find the most frequently asked questions about having a company animation made.


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