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2D Animation

When it comes to promoting a brand, product or company, an animation video is a must. A powerful video ensures a large impact with the target group.

Animation is getting bigger and the effectiveness is unprecedented. But what kind of animation video should you use for your business, and why?

For companies the best animations are: 2D animations. There are a number of logical reasons why 2D instead of 3D.

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why-2d-animationWhy 2D animations

To begin with: the difference between a 2D and 3D animation.

2D animation consists of characters or objects that are only in height and width. 3D animation consists of objects in height, width and depth.

In other words, 3D animations are more realistic than 2D animations.

Yet we always work with 2D animations. 2D animation is widely implemented in advertisements, films, websites, e-learning courses, etc.

An example of such 2D business animation:

Why are 2D corporate animations so effective?

Have you ever been inspired by the idea of having a company animation video made? Or do you think the video above looks interesting?

First of all; why do the largest companies have business animations?

With the help of 2D company animations you can easily communicate ideas in a quick, understandable and clear way. Both on an internal basis and externally.

RijnmondVeilig did this with the above company animation, for external use.

The public clearly understands how the specific product solves a problem. In the case of RijnmondVeilig the 2D animation is about a service update in the event of an accident or incident.

find-animation-studioFind a 2D animation studio

There are many large 2D business animation studios. And there are a few different important reasons for that.

One of the main reasons is that many people have been trained to use computer software such as Adobe's. That in contrast to real animators who want to make animations.

Sometimes people work at animation studios that have no talent for animation.

This can be seen in the quality of the company animations. Often they have only learned for a computer program.

If an animation studio has talented illustrators and animators, it will have the choice over another studio. That makes sense.

But much of the work of 2D animations is done by software to animate existing objects.

You can get a great animation with nice transitions by someone who knows how to use Adobe After Effects.

That is of course a very simple example. But the point is that you can have 2D animations made at companies that know the program, without having a lot of talent.

So there are many different animation studios with a big difference in quality. That difference is not always based on price.

To get a better idea of ​​the graphic quality of your business animation, we recommend that you view the portfolios.

You can tell by the portfolio whether a company works with illustrators and animators, or computer scientists.

How? Pay attention to the style. If it varies a lot between animations, don't start with them!

2d-animation-pitchparrot2D animations made at PitchParrot

We are a company with a passion for 2D animation videos. Animations that convey your message in a fun and informative way.

Thanks to our experienced team of animators, illustrators, voice actors and sound engineers, we can professionally animate your story or message.

Want us to make your 2D animation? Take a look at our portfolio and let us know through our contact form below how we can help you!

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